On 12-15 of April, in beautiful Tallinn in Estonia, we participated in the Kick-off meeting of the “First ADR Kit” strategic partnership: long term project that is going to last for 2 years and engage five partners from Estonia, Italy, Norway, Poland and UK. The project aims to teach young people Alternative Dispute Resolution methods (ADR) and skills useful for conflict management with special emphasis on mediation.

During the project, specialist in ADR will train youth educators in professional dispute resolution methods. Based on that, they will later develop new methods and tools for teaching young people about mediation and conflict management.

Youth trainers will conduct innovative workshops and simulation games that will be later published in “First ADR Kit Handbook” which will present the research, scenarios and results from the conducted activities.

On the Kick-off meeting, five partner organisations: Youth Club Active from Estonia, Vicolocorto from Italy, Narviksenteret from Norway, Youth Association STRIM from Poland and Consilium Development and Training Ltd from United Kingdom planned and prepared detailed framework of activities of the strategic partnership and agreed on common goals and results. Partners discussed and talked through various parts of this long term project, including research, training courses, dissemination of the results, evaluation of the activities.

Although there were only few days and many topics to discuss, we came back with new ideas and motivation and hope to keep up with such a good work.

The project is financed by European Commission within the framework of Erasmus+ Key Action 2: Strategic Partnerships in the field of youth

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