First ADR Kit is all about youth and their competences. To help young people develop their skills in conflict resolution we have prepared and tested 12 innovative and interactive workshops that can be used in schools, camps or youth projects. Read more to discover how you can use them in your work with young people.

All the workshops developed during the project were designed to be used by youth workers, trainers and facilitators to pass on mediation skills to young people. This could be directly with young people or with youth workers who then pass on the workshop activities. Each individual workshop can be used to improve the skills and understanding of young people in ways that could be useful in their own lives. If all twelve workshops are used with the same group, then those young people should gain a good overall understanding of the topic of mediation.

We have prepared the workshop sheets to be easy to use with the basic information and instructions presented first and any detailed extra information, theory inputs, background, alternatives etc. on separate pages. At the top of each workshop plan there is a simple and quick guide to some basic criteria about the workshop.

The workshops cover the following topics:

  • What are the different methods that you can use to solve conflicts (Alternative Dispute Resolution) (Workshop 1: Introduction to ADR);
  • How you can use mediation – one of the ADR methods – in your everyday life (Workshop 2: To mediate or not to mediate?);
  • Why do people enter into conflict and what do they need to find the solution? (Workshops 3 & 4: Understanding Conflict – Position, Interest & Need; Workshop 5: Categories of conflict);
  • What are the key competences in conflict resolution? (Workshop 6: Active listening; Workshop 7: Dealing with emotions);
  • What to do when you really do not know what to do (Workshop 8: Impasse; Workshop 9: Asking the right questions, Workshop 10: Too many cooks spoil the…talk);
  • How to reach a solution that makes everyone happy (and that sometimes comes from outside of the box!) (Workshop 11: Generating options and creating solutions; Workshop 12: Exploring Agreement).

All of the workshops are published in our “Handbook on conflict education for young people” available here! Check all language versions here!

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