STRIM (Poland)

Youth Development and Integration Association STRIM was established in 2001 in Krakow as a non-governmental organisation, gathering people sensitive for social issues. Members of our association are active people willing to undertake actions aimed at building open-minded society, interested in youth problems, international education and culture. STRIM leads a vast number of diverse projects in Poland and beyond its borders, mainly in the field of culture and intercultural education

STRIM is a project coordinator

We aim at developing awareness, national and European, while not neglecting its regional levels. Our association initiates and promotes all forms of youth activities. We reach that goal by organising trainings, seminars, conferences, public events, meetings and youth exchanges.

STRIM is one of the biggest organisations working with European Voluntary Service in Poland.

Meet the partner


Paulina Opielka

Lawyer, youth worker and educator

Every day I try to combine those two professions, providing legal support to entrepreneurs and empowering young people to grow, take up initiatives and face challenges. I work with local and international groups in Europe and Caucasus region, organising, coordinating and delivering training activities in the fields of conflict resolution, intercultural dialogue, use of games and role plays. Alternative Dispute Resolution is both my passion and professional activity and I do what I can to share this idea and make it more attractive for young people.

In First ADR Kit I am responsible for supervising the training activities and making sure the merge of ADR and Youth Education is successful.


Marzena Ples

Sociologist, educator, trainer and research assistant

I am Marzena. I am sociologist, educator, trainer and research assistant. I’ve been working in the University as well as in few NGO’s and youth organisations. I am a member of STRIM since 2010, where I manage mainly EVS (European Voluntary Service) sending projects. I’ve coordinated and implemented numerous activities for young people on local and international levels, mainly about youth participation, intercultural education, project management, migration, and human rights education. My passion is playing various games. I love travels. Currently, I am discovering ADR and becoming more and more fascinated about the use of those techniques in our every day life. My main role in First ADR Kit is to coordinate the whole process.


Karolina Borgosz

Lawyer, graphic design enthusiast

I am a lawyer dealing with new technologies and copyright. In the previous years I have been involved in Erasmus+ Programme where I have created and co-organised Training Courses for youth workers about Alternative Dispute Resolution and intercultural dialogue – DECODE in Krakow and STEP IN in Tallinn. I have also worked in and NGO where I have participated in a project promoting digitalisation of cultural heritage (

Privately, a bookworm and a foodie are the words that describe me quite well, my list of books to read and food to taste is growing every day. Lately I found out that I love combining colours, shapes and fonts so during #firstADRkit I am responsible for PR and dissemination of the results.

Youth Club Active (Estonia)

NGO Youth Club Active is a mobile youth organisation that was created with the help of the Youth Center Vihasoo which is working since 1994 in the field of youth in Tallinn, Estonia. We involve youth from the age of 13 years old and provide variety of activities for their self-development. The role of our organisation is to promote the non-formal education, to involve youngsters in different social activities on local and international levels.

Our main activities are organised on 5 different fields: projects, volunteering, entertainment, camps and youth labour market.
The main activities provide and opportunity for youth to be involved in: youth culture (theatre, music, dance, and art), organising workshops and entertainment for youngsters (Flash mobs, forum-theatre, juggling or different types of games), media and communication – intercultural learning through international projects, especially with the support of the Erasmus+ programme (Youth Initiatives, Youth Exchanges, Training courses, EVS projects). Often our activities are in cooperation with municipalities or cultural, social and volunteer organisations.
NGO Youth Club Active is accredited, which allows us to organise EVS projects in the framework of the Erasmus+ programme (Youth in Action programme)

Meet the partner


Darja Djatsenko

Youth worker and Youth Club Active NGO coordinator

I am a youth worker. I am working directly with youth everyday: consulting them, motivating, organising, supporting, leading, teaching. At that moment I coordinate youth centre Youth Club Active which gathers at the moment around 350 members.

I started to work with youth when I was 16 years old in suburban Estonian camp “Vihasoo” and still spend time there. In Erasmus+ programme (before Youth in Action) I was involved shortly afterwards, but at that time I didn’t know how deep would be that love.

If to speak about my education, first of all I am a journalist-translator, then I have received the additional education as a youth worker and now I am again a student, getting the master degree in Interactive Media and Technology.

Personally, I am a big fan of hunting dogs – Russian borzoi, which I engage in different competiotions. Also, I have spent 8 years participating in theatre-workshops and making performances for children.


Jelena Guseva

Projects coordinator and scout

I am working in NGO Youth Club Active  where I lead, coordinate and organise activities. From my childhood I have always liked to help people and that’s why I have decided to be a social and youth worker. I also work in Children’s Mental Health Centre where I help youngsters addicted to drugs. From 2007 I have participated in different Erasmus+ projects and after I have started to coordinate and lead me own projects. My hobby is travelling, humour show competition, scouting and working in children camp. In my work I see very often conflicts between youngsters. Skills and knowledge gained during First ADR Kit project will really help me in my work.


Tatjana Mihnovits

Soft toys business owner, a tech geek, a mother, a wife and so much more

My approach to life – learn, risk, don’t be afraid to fail, make friends and always strive to become a better version of yourself.

I am endlessly curious. I question the way that things are done, and think that asking ‘why’ (or ‘why not?’) is a habit we should never grow out of.

I have a degree in Computer Science and  over 10 year work experience in IT industry. I have seen how technologies have transformed over the years and taken over our lives, but I am adamant that nothing is more important then human relationships. I hope through practicing mediation we can learn emotional intelligence and empathy and then teach it to our youth.

Vicolocorto (Italy)

Vicolocorto is an Italian organisation based in Pesaro, central Italy, active at local, regional, national and international levels. It’s specialised in youth work and provides youth with international mobility and training opportunities mainly under Eramus+ and regional funds as Hosting and Sending organisation. It was founded in 2006 as a follow up of a youth exchange and over the years, thanks to continuous development and specialisation of its members, became the most active NGO at regional level and one of the most active and recognised at national level. Since 2012 Vicolocorto has been one of the founders of RIVE network, a network of Italian Sending Organisations for European Voluntary Service, with the purpose of increasing the quality of EVS projects and lobbying for changes at national and European level.

Meet the partner


Daniele Lucarelli

EVS coordinator and international relationships manager

Hi, I’m Daniele Lucarelli. I work in Vicolocorto since 2009 as EVS coordinator and manager of international partnerships of our organisation. I am generally interested in communication and international relationships, but my personal interest in this project is to develop skills in a new environment such as ADR, and to take the challenge of adapting it to youth work. At professional level I strive to empower members of our organisation and equip them with new skills and competences to give a new impact to our society at local level.

Consilium Development and Training (UK)

Consilium Development and Training is a not-for-profit NGO established in 2009 in Malvern United Kingdom. Our aim is to provide learning opportunities and through these to support people of all ages in their personal and professional growth.

Over the years we have gathered substantial experience in preparing and implementing community initiatives. These are mainly international mobilities and partnership projects carried out within the previous Youth in Action and Lifelong Learning Programmes of the European Commission, as well as the current ERASMUS+ Programme. Our expertise here relates especially to the delivery of the EVS training cycle on behalf of the UK National Agency, providing vocational training and assessment for college students, delivering continuing professional development training to teachers and youth work staff, etc.

Meet the partner


Lorraine Lockyer

Trainer and projects coordinator

Over the past 20 odd years, I’ve been gathering experience in managing various local and international projects. These include Youth in Action, Lifelong Learning Programmes and currently ERASMUS+ e.g. EVS hosting, Leonardo and Grundtvig mobilities (hosting and sending), training/coordinating residential training courses. Given my engagement in the training and education fields, I’ve come across numerous situations where ADR and related skills would and did, in fact, come in handy. Through the project, I’m looking forward to developing my communication, negotiation and interpersonal skills to further grow as a professional and to provide better support to our partners and participants.


Basia Ligas

Trainer and projects coordinator

My name is Basia Ligas. I’m a trainer and projects coordinator specialising in bids writing, project management, delivery of EVS training cycle, personal development, emotional intelligence, etc. In my work I sometimes come across people for whom argument is the only way of getting their message through. Therefore, my main interest in ADR is related to improving my communication skills further, ensuring that I could be of better assistance to those who remain in dispute or simply do not know how to communicate their ideas, thoughts and feelings more effectively and peacefully.

Greg Bond

Expert on ADR

I live in Berlin, Germany, and work as a university lecturer, mediator, trainer, moderator, translator and writer. What links them all is facilitation. At the University of Applied Sciences Wildau, near Berlin, I teach mediation, negotiation and cross-cultural communication. I facilitate and mediate for companies and organisations, focusing on in-company workplace conflicts and team development. I have a PhD in German literature from the University of Nottingham, UK, and an MA in mediation from the European University Viadrina, Frankfurt / Oder, Germany. My publications on mediation include editing a book of role-plays, International Commercial Mediation Roleplays, and a book of international cases with commentaries by eight mediators, Mediation Practice. 8 Cultures, 16 Cases, 128 Creative Solutions, both published by the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris.

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Narviksenteret (Norway)

Narviksenteret has wide and varied experience with human rights, stemming, not least, from the extensive contact network that has been built up over many years by the two foundations which have come together as one organisation. Narviksenteret has been a very active participant, coordinator and facilitator of youth projects in the Youth in Action framework for more than ten years, including a number of youth exchanges. Narviksenteret is the biggest Erasmus + organisation in Norway, and with tight links both to the Balkans and Eastern Europe, is something of a pioneer in the Norwegian context. A recurrent theme for youth projects is intercultural learning, as we, as organisation, believe it is a peace-building enterprise to prime the ground for the coming together of different nations and cultures for mutual sharing of their ways. Organisation’s extensive experience in youth exchanges working around the topic of intercultural learning, drawing on our foundation in human rights are our most relevant experience for First ADR Kit project. Narviksenteret is also active in developing new tools of learning with an aim to promote peace. We are currently coordinating a Key Action 2 project titled “Borderline Boardgames” which aims to develop two new pedagogical, interactive board games, about financial literacy and origins of conflict/conflict management.

Meet the partner


Joakim Arnøy

Coordinator for youth work and peacebuilding

Joakim Arnøy has been very active in youth work section for the past year. As a coordinator for youth work and peacebuilding, he is well familiar with Erasmus + and non-formal education. He draws on an educational background of international relations, and has coordinated or co-coordinated youth activities before, including a youth exchange and EVS project. Of further relevance is his role as project coordinator of another project “Borderline Boardgames”.

Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution, CEDR (UK)

(Expert Advisor)

Based in London, UK, Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR) is the largest conflict management and resolution consultancy in the world. With over 25 years of experience, CEDR provides ADR services and consultancy, helping to facilitate negotiations in complex and sensitive multi-party conflicts and dialogue. CEDR is also one of the leading organisations in the world providing training for mediators with internationally recognised accreditation system. As an Expert Adviser, CEDR has been assisting the project by giving advice and support which fall within CEDR’s not-for-profit activities and work to support young leaders – one of organisation’s main charitable aims for 2016/17.

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