Intellectual Outputs

On this page you can find, read, download and comment all of the Intellectual Outputs developed by the participants within our partnership. Have a look and don’t forget to leave us your feedback!

Research on ADR

If you are interested in the current scope of ADR education in European countries, below you can find the researches prepared by Partner organisations from Estonia, Italy, Norway, Poland and UK which present ADR institutions, services and educational methods in their countries. Take a look to see what are the possibilities for young people to learn and use mediation in their daily lives.

Programme of the Training Course on ADR for Youth Workers

The training course for youth workers on ADR in Worcester, UK, was specially designed in order to join professional ADR expertise with the needs of youth educators. The programme was prepared and consulted in cooperation with Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR) and youth trainers to ensure the most effective learning experience. Training was delivered by professional mediators and covered the most relevant topics connected with ADR – definitions, practical skills, good practices and case studies. Most of the training time was devoted to practical exercises and simulations in order to enable participants to experience themselves advantages and challenges of ADR. The programme of the training combined both practical methods delivered by the trainers with elements of intercultural communication and dialogue within the scope of Non-Formal Education.


Internet platform for ICT learining

This is the space where we present the results of the project together with up-to-date information related to ADR and youth education. Our website includes all the knowledge and methods collected and designed during the First ADR Kit partnership. Go ahead and explore the content!