Welcome to First ADR Kit project!

‘First ADR Kit’ strategic partnership is a cross-sector cooperation between organisations active in the fields of intercultural communication, conflict management, active citizenship and youth participation. Organisations that take part in this project are: Consilium Development and Training Ltd (United Kingdom), Narviksenteret (Norway), STRIM (Poland), Vicolocorto (Italy), and Youth Cub Active (Estonia) with the support of an Expert Adviser CEDR (Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution) from London.

The aim of the partnership is to create new educational methods of teaching Alternative Dispute Resolution (mediation, negotiation, conciliation, dispute boards) with the use non-formal education tools and introduce them to the youth work.

Our Project is dedicated to 3 target groups. The first one is a team of 20 youth trainers who undergo an intense training programme on the topic of Alternative Dispute Resolution delivered by professional mediators and conflict managers. Second group consists of youth leaders and young professionals who will participate and evaluate the training courses developed and delivered by the youth trainers. The third group includes partner organisations, professional ADR institutions, educational facilities, teachers and representatives of labour market who can use and implement the new methods in their work.

We are bringing together experts in ADR, non-formal education and youth work and providing them with space to create new and innovative tools for teaching and implementing Alternative Dispute Resolution in youth education. We are working with practitioners specialised in mediation, negotiation and arbitration alongside with trainers and facilitators of non-formal education, psychology, coaching and gamification. Together, they will prepare:

– One research on ADR education in 5 countries: Estonia, Italy, Norway, Poland and UK,
– A set of training activities delivered by professionals in mediation and youth work,
– 2 brand new simulation games on conflict resolution,
– 10 original workshop scenarios,
– An easy-to-use handbook on ADR in youth projects,
– 5 international conferences,
– A lot of new ideas and methods how to make youth work a more professional and efficient process.

The project lasts for 2 years and provides an opportunity for many (inter)national meetings and activities:

  1. Kick-off meeting in Estonia,
  2. ADR training course in the UK,
  3. Seminar on Non-Formal Education in Italy,
  4. Mid-term Evaluation Meeting in Norway,
  5. Local training courses for youth,
  6. National conferences.
  7. Final Evaluation Meeting in Poland

We believe that in order to solve and prevent conflicts we need to start by educating young people and equipping them with practical tools to guide them through the challenges of the modern world. We also hope that “First ADR Kit’ strategic partnership is only the first step to achieve that goal.

Do you want to know more about work? Click here to learn more why we are focusing on youth and youth workers or here to discover more about Non-Formal Education and its principles.